Pipe and Drainage Products

Susi’s carries a full line of drainage, sewer and septic field pipe from 1  1/2″  up to 24″ in diameter. In addition to HPDE corregated drainage pipe, Susi’s carries light wall sewer and drain pipe,  Schedule 35 sewer pipe (gasketed or bell) and Schedule 40 drain, waste and vent pipe. We also have a full line of pipe fittings, drain boxes, trench grates and rubber field repair fittings. For Commercial applications, we also stock concrete drain boxes and cast iron grates. We proudly stock drain boxes and plastic grates from Polylok and metal grates by Marshall.

When constructing a footer for your foundation, Form-a-Drain is an ideal product to provide the necessary drainage to keep your basement dry. Known as French Drains, having a method to rapidly expel water from around your foundation will add additional living and storage space to your home, while eliminating mold issues which can occur. Easy to install and it saves labor costs since the system stays in place once the footer concrete is poured, Form-a-Drain is the right system for your home.