Masonry Fireplaces

Rumsford Fireplace in Natural Stone veneer

For efficiency and elegance, nothing beats a masonry fireplace. The aroma’s and sounds from a real masonry fireplace offers warmth and relaxation. The flickering flames bring you into a trance with recollections of days gone by. The warmth, safety and the beauty of fine brick and stone will make your home more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Masonry fireplaces are found in outdoor patio settings now as well as in the home that allows you to enjoy the outdoors in those cooler fall months. Ever had a desire for an old world style wood fired pizza oven? Well, we can help you there too. We offer precast fireclay stove components from Superior Clay,¬†that will allow you to build an efficient oven at the correct dimensions. Pizza’s take just 90 seconds to cook!¬† We also carry indoor and outdoor kits (including their extremely popular Pizza Oven) from FireRock.

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