FireRock prefabricated masonry fireplace systems have quickly become an industry FIREPLACE-PIC-W-LOGOstandard.  They cost less than traditional site-built fireplaces and patented designs make them stronger and more efficient as well.

FireRock Advantages over Competitors:

  • Better heat reflection because of our angled back wall
  • Safer product that is three times stronger (over 3,000 psi compared to less than 1,000)
  • Superior performance due to 10% larger masonry flue and unique radius lintel feature
  • Easier to plan because fireplace sizes represent accurate and true finished openings
  • 100% American made

We handle all of their indoor and outdoor fireplaces as well as their ever popular OutdoorPIZZA-OVEN-MASONRY Pizza Oven.PIZZA OVEN