Susi Web shots 108Why Brick? We’re often asked that question when so many options are available today. Brick is a timeless product that has been made since the dawn of time. It provides one of the most durable building enclosures available today. In the summer time, brick retains its coolness under the shade trees. In winter, when the leaves are gone, brick absorbs the suns rays to help keep the building warm at night as it radiates natures energy back. It is fireproof, rot proof, bug proof and fade proof. It is a low maintenance product that is meant to be there for the life of the building. It enhances value. A brick home does cost a little bit more to build than when using some other siding products, but the housing market recognizes that by rewarding tremendous values for it; most times far greater than the original investment. It allows for architectural details unavailable with most other products and it can be coupled with natural stone for additional interest. Finally, it provides lasting value. Insurers often offer lower rates for homes built with brick.

Higher resale value, lower maintenance , lifelong service, lower insurance costs and exquisite beauty. That is the value of using brick!

Susi’s is a stocking distributor for many fine brick lines including :