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It’s hard to believe, but cooler weather is fast approaching. Now is the time to get your fireplaces, stoves, or gas logs ready for the season. You can clean your logs gently with the vacuum brush attachment. Cleaning glass takes a special cleaner so as to not etch the surface. Pilot lights should be blue and not yellow. Clean the tips of the pilot assembly if it is yellow. Be sure to change your batteries on your remote control receivers and transmitters if so equipped.

Wood stoves can create a buildup of Creosote. Now is the time to have that cleaned for another safe heating season.

To help you along, we have glass cleaners, stove gaskets, thermocouples and pilot assemblies, door gaskets and creosote cleaners. Simply tell us you saw this on our web page by asking for the HEAT SEASON WEB DEAL until 11/30/2018 and get 15% off of your total invoice on those products.


* Starting June 29th through July 7th every year, and November 11th (Veterans Day), all Military personnel; active or retired, will receive 10% off their purchase of any product as our way of saying “Thank you” for your service in keeping America strong and Independent. Simply show your military or veteran ID from any service branch at the time of purchase.